Welcome to my food photography portfolio page. All of my food photography work is done within the region of Kuwait. Over the time period I have learnt a lot about food styling & photography with experimenting ‘more & more’ along with studying hard about it. My secret is to make food “look” as delicious as the food taste. To bring out the best elements; texture, freshness, zest, color and richness. Exceptional food photography may convey feelings of warmth, fond memories, inspiration , and of course, hunger!


I begin with planning prior to getting to the location and setting up the camera. I tend to have a team effort between chef, manager, stylist anyone else involved in the production. This allows me to concentrate on producing mouth-watering images.


Once there is agreement on how the photos will look, next is to focus on gathering the right props that will be used for the shoot. This includes type of plates, bowls and dishes including color schemes, table cloths, textures, background items etc.


In terms of lighting, it all depends on the location area in Kuwait. If it requires, I use high quality strobe lighting or the most beautiful light in the world – Sunlight! there are several ways of positioning and setting up the lights. Again, it all depends on the clients requirements.


After the shooting is done, I like to go through all the photos and decide which shots turned out to be the best. Then, I go in and individually edit each of those photos slightly adjusting the color, contrast, sharpness, light temperature, brightness, composition etc.


That’s it! this was an overall idea about how I shoot my food photography projects.